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How Can Bamika Social Media Consulting Help Your Business?

We know how to use marketing in a powerful strategy that will get you links, attention and massive amounts of traffic. In fact, there is no other reasonably priced promotional method out there that will easily give you large numbers of loyal followers who will be regular visitors. We help businesses that are selling products or services or just publishing content for ad revenue to use marketing as a potent method that will make their business more profitable over time.

Here are the elements of our Blueprint:

Facebook: Facebook has more than 500 million active users. 50% of these active users log on to Facebook in any given day, and spend an average of 55 minutes using its services. Facebook users spend much more online than the average internet user. Every month, more than 250 million people engage with Facebook on external websites. There are more than 200 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices. Bamika Social Media Consulting can help you optimize your Facebook Fan Page and engage your targeted audience on Facebook in a way to progressively build a loyal fan base of potential customers.

Twitter: Twitter now has 105,779,710 registered users. Twitter has become one of the most popular social networking services and has created many business growth opportunities to major companies who have taken their brand marketing from TV and Radio to the internet. With Twitter, what used to cost thousands of dollars a day in advertising with conventional media is now costing little to nothing! We help you engage in successful Twitter marketing.

YouTube:  YouTube is now the second largest search engine, according to comScore, with 50% more searches than Yahoo! And 180% more searches than Bing. YouTube has 300 million visitors every month who watch more than 12 billion videos. The average person spends 15 minutes a day ion YouTube. Over 3 million people are auto-sharing video to at least one social network. On Facebook alone, 46.2 years’ worth of minutes of YouTube videos are watched every day. Bamika Social Media Consulting can help you optimize your YouTube Channel and engage your targeted audience on YouTube, as well as leverage your video presence with organic search listings on Google. This is a highly effective method of gaining visibility and market share.

LinkedIn: The roots of popular sites like YouTube and Facebook are founded on the entertainment side of things. But since its creation, LinkedIn has been geared toward the professional business crowd. Executives from all Fortune 500companies are LinkedIn members. The number of monthly visitors at keeps on growing at a spectacular level. On LinkedIn, you’ll find more middle age man with no kids and a higher income and education level than the internet average.


The top 10 social media questions marketers want answered can be summarized in the following keywords: measure, target, engage, sell, time, strategy, tactics, tools,

use and selection—in that order.

Here’s the expanded version of the social media questions marketers most want



#1: MEASURE: How do I measure the effect of social media marketing on my


The number-one question marketers want answered is how to track the ROI of social

media. For the past three years running, this question has been number one. A sampling

of the questions in this category include:

• What is the best way to measure the ROI of social media marketing?

• How do I track social media performance and make good business decisions?

• What are the best measurement tools?

• Are there any industry benchmarks against which to measure our practices?

#2: TARGET: How do I find my target audience with social media?

Marketers want to know how to locate prospective customers via social media. Here are

some of the questions related to this category:

• Which social networks does my target audience use?

• How can I understand the social media habits of my target audience?

• How do I target potential clients in a specific region or industry?

• How do I get noticed by my target audience?

#3: ENGAGE: What are the best ways to engage my audience?

Many marketers want to understand how to cultivate loyal fans. Here a few sample

questions in this category:

• How do I create engaging content that will keep people following our social

media channels?

• How do I get my Facebook fans to participate more on our page?

• How do we engage our followers with limited company resources?

#4: SELL: How do I sell with social media?

Many marketers want to know how to monetize their social media activities. Here are a

few sample questions in this category:

• Can I generate profit from social media efforts?

• How do I speed up the sales process with social media?

• How do I get sales when “social” is not supposed to be sales-oriented?

• How do I best monetize my social efforts?

#5: TIME: How should I best use my time to maximize my social media results?

Marketers are still interested in how to manage the time required to conduct social

media marketing. Below are a few related questions in this category:

• What are the regular activities I should structure into my day and week?

• How do I plan my team’s social media time more effectively?

• What tools can help me maximize my time spent on social media?

#6: STRATEGY: How do I create a social media strategy?

A significant number of marketers are seeking ways to use social media to strategically

support business objectives. Here are some sample questions:

• How do I create a social media plan?

• What departments should be involved when creating a social media strategy?

• How do I use social media to grow my business?

#7: TACTICS: What social media tactics are the most effective?

Marketers are looking for proven tactics to speed them along their social media paths.

Below are some sample questions asked by marketers:

• What works best?

• Who is doing social media the best?

• How often should I post?

#8: TOOLS: What are the best social media management tools?

With so many social media platforms and potential campaigns and objectives, many

marketers are looking for tools to manage their efforts. Here are some of their


• What are the best tools for managing all of our social media efforts?

• How do I automate social activities?

#9: USE: How do I use the different social media platforms?

Marketers want to understand how to use and optimize their experiences with major

social media platforms. Here are sample questions from this cluster group:

• How do I use YouTube in marketing?

• How do I use Google+ to reach my customers?

How do I use Facebook in marketing?

How do I incase my consumer in Twitter?

#10: SELECTION: How do I select the right social platform for my business?

Marketers are trying to understand the advantages of each social platform and how to

select the right one(s) for their business. Below are a few related questions in this


• Which social platforms are the most important for my business?

• Which social networks are here to stay and which should I put the majority of my

effort into?

• What are the best uses of each platform?

As you can see from these facts, these services are truly no longer optional 

for forwarding looking businesses. The options are to work with Bamika Social Media Consulting to establish a competitive advantage over your market now, or try to play catch up later. Part of the problem that most businesses owners have is that they find it difficult to allocate their time to develop an effective marketing program. Let alone dedicating time for the learning required to know how to do Social Media Marketing for your company. Our social media marketing consultants can develop a custom online marketing plan using the most appropriate combination of Blueprint Components above to meet your current goals. We will also organize the resources to execute it so it generates results cost effectively without impacting your focus as the business owner. Which is the important activity of managing your business. Call us now at Bamika Social Media Consulting for a free consultation at +93 (0) 799 555 440 and get started now!

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