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Web Application Development & Designing

Bamika ‘s web application development practice addresses a wide range of business needs. We’ve worked with many afghan companies and national and international organization to build customized website modules and even complete stand-alone web-based applications.

Characteristics of Our Web Applications

Whether it’s a web content management system or a web-based data interface with thousands of users, our web applications demonstrate all the hallmarks of competence.

▪ Our web applications follow a true n-tier design methodology, thus allowing for growth and expansion.

▪ Our solutions are highly innovative and effective

▪ Using our web solutions is easy, efficient and intuitive… even for not-so-technical users

▪ Our web applications are deployed on-time and on-budget

▪ Our solutions are reliable and require minimal maintenance


A Flexible Application Development Partner

Just as each project has unique feature requirements, the context and circumstances for the development are also unique. We are very flexible, with extensive experience working under a variety of development and collaboration models.

Support for the Complete Life Cycle

Once your solution has been deployed, Bamika remains available to support and extend your web application.

▪ We are responsive, proactive team members who are attentive to a successful deployment

▪ We’re ready to provide documentation, code walk-throughs, and any other insight into our work to allow you to easily and confidently take ownership

▪ We remain available to support you after the launch, resolving any issues and participating in additional phases


Web Application Development Technologies

Here are the technical solutions that we often use to develop our web applications:


Standards-compliant XHTML and CSS, XML, PHP


Microsoft Access, MySQL


We develop on both Windows and Linux. We have in-house development servers for each that can be accessed by you securely throughout your project. We are also very familiar with deploying sites to ISPs and in-house IT environments.

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