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Great and Powerful Features

Bamika brings you great solutions for better management of your Team, Organization and Company.

Winning Design Experiences that Attract, Engage & Convert

  • Respect Users’ Patience or rather, impatience.

    It turns out that people are incredibly impatient, particularly when it comes to surfing the web. According to a studies, a mere one second delay in page load time results in a 7% reduction in conversions! So when it comes to page loading speed, every second counts.

  • Colour is an often underrated aspect of design

    It can play a very important role in usability as well as convey the overall meaning of a brand as well as the overall mood of the website. When choosing a color scheme for your branding, make sure to choose a combination that evokes the emotion that you want your brand to convey.

  • Remember to K.I.S.S.

    You’ve probably heard the “Keep it Simple, Stupid” mantra before. Well, it applies to web design as well. Simplicity is super important when it comes to driving conversions. The result is usually more aesthetically pleasing, and it almost always converts better.

  • Source High Quality Images

    If there’s one thing that can really drag down the quality of a design, it’s low quality images. In fact, images can make or break a deal. Studies show us that 60 percent of consumers are more willing to consider search results that include images, and another 23 percent are more likely to contact a business showcasing an image.

Why most websites fails & how to make them Succeed?

  • Choice of Wrong Technology and Wrong Vendor

    Choosing wrong technology can risk your business. You require latest technology & customisation services of a reputed web app development company

    Comprehensive Analysis of Project Requirements

    Good analysis bestows good benefits. While discussing your requirements, we make sure to provide right web app development solution as per your business.

  • Ignoring WordPress Mobile Optimization and Theme Customisation

    Above 90% people are accessing the websites in mobile. Therefore, it is extremely important to avail a fully customised responsive website.

    Fully Customized Responsive Website

    We provide you a function-rich website with a beautiful custom theme, super functional plugins, and responsive user interface.

  • Slow Load Time

    You have only 6 seconds to either gain attention of visitors or lose it to your competitors.

    Enhanced Performance Optimization

    With Our website delivers amazingly fast user experiences and loads within 6 seconds that boost your conversions.

  • Low Level Security

    Your website has no value if your potential customers are unable to find it on search engine result pages. Low SEO directly affects your website's traffic and revenue.

    Advanced Website Security

    We ensure maximum site protection by employing several advanced security measures like sophisticated security plugins, complete data encryption, secure admin dashboard & login page etc.

  • Low Search Engine Ranking

    Your website has no value if your potential customers are unable to find it on search engine result pages. Low SEO directly affects your website's traffic and revenue.

    Complete Search Engine Optimization

    We develop search engine friendly websites. Our sites have cleaner codes, advanced navigation system, responsive & user friendly design so that search engine can easily crawl through your site.

  • Incompatibility in Different Browser

    If your website is incompatible on any browser, then you will lose potential customers using only that particular browser.

    Complete Cross Browser Compatibility

    Our expert developers avoid browser specific code and opt advanced development techniques to ensure complete compatibility of your website on all types of browsers

Case Studies & Our Latest Works

We are counted among best website development companies in Afghanistan owing to our ethical business practices and transparent dealing. Here are some of our Works


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